Be forgiving of the mistakes but the site is still under construction. is an english child of I am not sure if my english is good enough to build a site in this language. The problem is not how to improve my english language skills but how to improve your ability to draw with LaTeX.

In this site, I made UTF-8 the default file encoding for all the files (.tex, .html and .css) and the source image format is already in the PNG image format. This site is best viewed in a modern browser that supports web standards.

In, I will discuss how to create graphics in a LaTeX document with an extension package that conform with the LATEX “language”. The package PGF and its associated front-end, TikZ, creates a coherent set of commands capable of doing most of the graphic operations in LATEX and in (pdf)LATEX.

I limit the discussion to one choice: LATEX input, with PDF output, processed by (pdf)LATEX.

I provide a collection named TKZ of packages. They are sets of convenient macros for drawing a lot of things. These packages are built on top of TikZ and are LaTeX-friendly drawing packages. The aim is to provide a high-level user interface to build graphics relatively simply.

I would like to thank Till Tantau for the beautiful LATEX package, namely TikZ. was built using TextMate with OS X.