PGF builds (2012-04-25)

Track the development of TikZ and PGF.

PGF has a relatively long release cycle. To get all the latest features and bug-fixes you should use the development version of PGF. If you don't want to check out PGF from CVS yourself you can find builds here, conveniently packed in a TeX Directory Structure (TDS) compliant structure.

Warning: The development versions are not always stable. If the latest build causes problems, download and install an earlier build and wait for a bug fix.

Warning: I had some problems to compile the doc with lualatex. Errors appeared with the pages about graphs, so I remove the sections about graphs.

Download latest build and the latest PgfManual on 2012-04-25 :

Last Build
Version: 2.10 CVS
Build date 2012-04-25
Size 8.4 M Build details : ChangeLog

Pgfmanual 2.10 CVS
Latest version 2012-04-25
Size 6.4 M